Christmas Lights Event 2020

Due to Coronavirus the 2020 BMRA Christmas party had to be cancelled but instead a Christmas light competition was organised. The event was a huge success and a big thank you to all who participated no matter how small or large your efforts! 
The residents voted for the Most Tasteful and the most Outlandish display, the votes was counted, recounted, counted again, certified, and all legal challenges thrown out. The results are (mostly) indisputable and the winners were:
Most Tasteful First place: Sue @ 9 Elm Grove Road Second place: 52 Velwell Road Honorable mentions: There were a lot of beautiful displays such as the elegant trees at 44 and 64 Velwell Road, the unique display at 46 Velwell Road, the fun hand-painted snowman at 7 Elm Grove, the paper candles at 68 Velwell Road, the cute little deer at 19 Castle Mount, and the elf game at 8 Velwell Road.
Most Outlandish First place: Andrew and Ruth @ 32 Velwell Road (possible now known as the Purple Haze house?) Second place: 2 and 24 Velwell Road were tied
Well done to our winners! We hope you enjoy dinner on us at the Dino Cafe and that the poinsettias help to liven up your houses, as you’ve helped liven up our neighbourhood.
Here are a few photos for your enjoyment.
Happy Holidays!