The Bury Meadow residents association is helping to coordinate the efforts to support the community in relation to the Coronavirus. 

Do you Need Help? Due to the developing situation with Coronavirus, the Bury Meadows Residents Association is working locally to identify and help people who would like support within our local community. Please get in contact if you feel that you or a member of your family wish to be contacted on a regular basis to check on your/their welfare, especially if you/they are self-isolating for the recommended period of time. This will ensure that you/they have someone in regular communication and have access to a team of local volunteers who can help obtain any medication, get supplies delivered as well as help with getting in contact with relevant local authorities whilst you are isolated. Please also let us know if you are concerned about a neighbour. 

If you need help please call this number: 01392 265000 or use this link: – this is the central support hub in Exeter, however you can also reach out to BMRA specifically via this email – if you need support.

How can you help? We are also looking to recruit local volunteers to help support members of our community in relation to the Coronavirus. If you would like to be listed as a volunteer please use: to get in touch. There are links to files below with details and guidelines for volunteering.  

Other info to help in the lockdown:
BMRA has produced a PDF leaflet with useful guidance on how to get support and also supplies from local shops in the current lockdown situation, download the leaflet via the link below:

There is also some useful information on good nutrition and diet during the crisis via these links: