What we’ve done (and are doing)

In the Spring of 2020, BMRA organised a community art exhibition, please use this link to see the results: http://burymeadow.co.uk/bury-meadow-art-exhibition-spring-2020/

End of Year Review and AGM

Please use this link to find details of the AGM and end of year review: http://burymeadow.co.uk/agm/

Gardening in the Park

The park gardening volunteers garden on the second weekend of the month. Saturdays 3pm Sundays 10am


13th & 14th April

11th & 12th May

8th & 9th June

13th & 14th July

See images of previous sessions here (images by Ali Lucas) http://burymeadow.co.uk/bury-meadow-gardening/

Fun A Day helps lift Exeter out of winter gloom for a
second year running as artistic talents come to the fore

For the second year running, the Fun A Day challenge yielded a wealth of creativity from local residents, culminating in a vibrant two-day exhibition at the Positive Lights project in Sidwell Street on March 23-24.

Although not a residents’ association event, it was organised by Bury Meadow Residents’ co-chairs Stephen Fisher and Ali Lucas, with many members of the association contributing artworks and other pieces.

The Fun A Day concept is simple: pick a project, do it every day throughout February and record it.  Adults and children drew, painted, sewed, baked, photographed and wrote to complete the challenge, lifting spirits, celebrating life and bringing a little colour to the dog days of winter.

As can be seen from the pictures of the exhibition here, imaginations ran riot, and the show welcomed a large number of entries.

“It’s been a fantastic way of bringing people together, and we are thrilled by such a wide response to the challenge,” said Stephen.